About Us

Tender LIGHTNESS, romantic ELEGANCE and playful GRAZIE - whose heart doesn't gallop a beat faster when you introduce these combinations? Amberemotion wishes to be the epitome of all these descriptions - our shop, which is unique with its. Jewelery strives to make a woman happy with a few effortless mouse clicks. Some time ago Beata Sajda opened the doors to a small world of jewelry. As the designer of amberemotion jewelery, she takes at least as much pleasure in photographing her products and in a playful or simple way.


Each and every piece that we create, is hand crafted from recycled or more sustainable fabrics. This includes our printed fabrics, our custom textures and even our inner linings, across swimwear and resortwear.

Inch by inch and seam by seam, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to bring you thoughtful pieces that are equal parts beauty, heart and substance.

Wonderful Baptism

With its extremely delicate delicacy and noble design, our chain captivates in a flattering way and is a delightful gift for many occasions such as baptism, birth, communion, Christmas or simply for a loved one. A delicate silver chain ensures that this piece of jewelry does justice to the loveliness of every child or adult. In order to be able to bring even greater joy to a person or child whose name has a firm place in your heart, this beautiful necklace can be personalized with a personal engraving - in the form of the name of the future owner

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