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    While looking at this necklace PAPER BOAT everyone immediately descends into dreams of distant lands and the vastness of the sea. The chain “little paper boat” from our “paper boat” collection actually seems to spring directly from the dreams of all those who would like to sail directly to escape everyday life and explore the world.

    Our lovingly made paper boat, which has been soldered to a fine diamond-plated, high-quality anchored chain, is exactly the same on both sides, so there is no difference to which side the paper boat rotates while wearing it.

    Sophisticated design, noble materials and high-quality craftsmanship make this graceful necklace a special piece of jewelry that stands for the playfulness and dreams that lie dormant in the heart.

    Your necklace LITTLE PAPER BOAT will arrive in pretty jewelry box, but we also offer gift wrapping service for all occasions.

    In our exquisite collection Paper Boat you will also find other matching jewelry.

    Stationery: kukuwaja

    925 / – silver solid shining, filament anchor chain, total length: 45 cm (42 cm plus extension 3 cm),
    Paper boat size 5 x 8 mm soldered to the chain, both sides of the paper boat are the same