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How do I find the right ring size

Getting the right ring size - the best methods

Finding the correct fit for your ring is very important before you make a purchase in a jewelery shop, so that your rings fit well and you do not have to change your order. 
So that you can fully enjoy your new ring let us  provide you with several good hints acquired from our 10-year experience.
In case the following examples and/or tips do not manage to explain all you might need to know,
please do not hesitate to contact us on: info (@) 

How do I determine my ring size?

These two items below will give you the basic notion:

- For most ladies. For smaller fingers the ring size is 48 to 56, for wider fingers the ring size is 57 to 62
- For most men. For smaller fingers the ring size is 58 to 63, for wider fingers the ring size is 64 to 70/72


Determine the ring size IF YOU HAVE ring at hand

- Get a well fitting ring (see picture 1)
- Measure the inner diameter (I.D.) in millimeters (see picture 2) using a ruler or a measuring slider (it is more accurate). PLEASE BE VERY PRECISE.

Our exemplary ring has the inner diameter of 17.8 mm which corresponds to the ring size 16 (or 56mm in circumference - see ring size table)

At this point you are done - you have the ring size 56mm (16).





Determine the ring size WITHOUT A RING

- Cut a paper stripe: roughly 5 mm wide and 10 cm long (see picture 1)
- Wrap it around your finger and tighten it firmly. Still, you should be able to slide the paper strip around your finger (see picture 2)
- Mark both endings of the stripe and measure your ring size by spreading the strip on the ruler (picture 3)

Our exemplary stripe reads 56 mm, which corresponds to the ring size 56/16 as shown in the table.

You are done - you have ring size 56mm (16). This time you have determined it without a ring at hand.

Which ring size is right?

Which ring size do we offer?
In our jewelery online shop you will find many wedding & partner rings which hopefully will attract your attention.
Below please find the short note about the sizes of the rings we offer.

-The smallest ring size we offer is shown in the ring size table under 50mm in inner circumference which corresponds to 15.9mm in inner diameter (I.D.), which in turn  matches the value of 10.
-We offer the following ring sizes for ladies: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and for men: 62, 63, 64, 66, 68, 70.
-The half sizes, e.g. ring size 59 or ring size 61 are available on request.
-Please note, the difference between standard ring sizes, e.g. ring size 60 and half sizes, e.g. ring size 61 is very low and most customers will hardly notice this difference.


Determine the ring size at the jeweler or goldsmith

If you want to be absolutely sure of your ring size, undoubtedly the best option is to have it measured at the goldsmith by the means of the professional tools (see pictures).
Note the measured inner circumference in millimeters (this will also suffice to place an order in likely every jewelry online shop, including amberemotion).
Optionally, you can match this value to e.g. UK ring size given in the conversion chart. For example, the measured inner circumference of 58.47[mm] corresponds to R (UK).




Change the ring size

Exchange at amberemotion.com

You always have the right to change your ring with us after you placed an order.
Please note, the right of withdrawal applies.

Obtaining the ring size secretly

If you want to surprise your loved one but you do not know the right fit for the ring, here are our tips how to possibly handle it.
Essentially, you have two ways to secretly determine the right fit, "Determine the ring size IF YOU HAVE a ring at hand" by “borrowing” a suitable ring from that person and using it to calculate the ring size or use "Determine the ring size WITHOUT A RING" by secretly scanning the inner circumference of the beloved finger.
Let us also play a little spy-game for the option “Determine the ring size IF YOU HAVE a ring at hand”..
Because engagement and wedding rings are usually worn on the third finger of the left hand, it may be unlikely that you manage to “borrow” such ring as one may simply not exist..
In such case choose a ring usually worn on the middle finger instead and go one size down to get the right fit for the third finger.





Sollte Ihre Ringgröße nicht in unserer Tabelle Ringgrößen vorhanden sein, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf und schreiben einfach eine E-Mail an: info(at)amberemotion.com. Gerne können wir Ihnen den Ring in der gewünschten und richtigen Ringgröße anfertigen, z.B. Ringgröße 17 oder Ringgröße 7 was der Ringgröße 47 entspricht.


IMPORTANT while determining your ring size


Kindly accept the following advice based on our experience
-The circumference of the fingers of the left and right hand often do not quite match. Therefore please carry out your calculations based on the hand on which the ring will be worn.
-Please consider, fingers are usually thinner in winter than in summer. The lower the temperature, the thinner the fingers are, so avoid measuring when you are cold, as your fingers are likely at least half a size smaller.
-The finger circumference also changes during the day -  the fingers are usually thinner in the morning than in the evening.
-In addition, the finger circumference changes during the course of your life, so do not rely on the measurement completed a time ago. Best, determine your ring size shortly before purchase, also taking into account the tips from above.
Practical examples.
- if you consider purchasing a relatively thin ring, so one with 1-3 mm of the band width (e.g. STAR or CHARLOTTE-in-LOVE), you should likely go one size down.
So, for such band widths (1-3mm) based on the examples from above get a ring of size 55mm in circumference, even though your measurements said 56mm.
- conversely: for rings with a deep band width, so 3+ mm (e.g. the ring ESTELLE) the above described methods should yell good match. Meaning, in such case just order the size of the ring you have just determined with one of the above methods. Hence, based on the examples, for such thicker rings you'd prefer ring of size 56mm in circumference.
We do hope you have found our tips useful.
Your amberemotion.